Rethinking Tourism Tax Policies: Recommendations on Financial Accountability and Economic Growth

Independent Consultant and Researcher, LMA Consulting
Director of Training Strategy and Development, TrainingAid
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About This Live Session

As the “Panama Papers” scandal has brought the world’s attention to the scope and implications of global corruption and tax evasion, we’re reminded of the importance of host destinations’ ability to collect and effectively - and ethically - manage tax revenues from multinational tourism businesses in order to ensure the health of the industry.

Dr Linda M. Ambrosie, the foremost expert in taxation and tourism and the author of "Sun & Sea Tourism: Fantasy and Finance of the All-Inclusive Industry" (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015), shares key insights into the impact of exploitative tax practices, combined with local corruption, throughout the global tourism value chain, and offers recommendations for tourism industry stakeholders, including multinational enterprises, tourism managers, destination organizations and policy-makers.

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