Level 01

Practitioner Level

This is the second of the two levels of the PM4SD online training program:

  1. Foundation Level: The PM4SD Foundation online course is delivered as self-paced modules including video lessons and resources to guide you through the PM4SD Foundation-level content.
  2. Practitioner Level: The PM4SD Practitioner online course is delivered as a facilitated 2-week course including interactive sessions and exercises, covering the PM4SD Practitioner-level content.


*The Practitioner-Level course is focused on the application of the PM4SD methodology. If you have not yet completed the Foundation-level training (focused on the theoretical framework), you can take the self-paced Foundation course to prepare, so you can make the most of the Practitioner course. See your registration options.

Purchase both the Foundation and Practitioner Courses and receive €100 off.


Course Objectives

PM4SD is an effective framework for project management, enabling tourism practitioners to use tourism as a positive force for social, economic and cultural change.

The PM4SD Practitioner Course is focused on the abilities to:

  • Understand how to apply project management best practices in real-life situations.
  • Tailor key aspects of the PM4SD approach to the specific context of your project.
  • Make informed decisions on project team structure, roles and responsibilities.
  • Evaluate the project's success based on its products, outcomes and benefits.


See the Course Modules section for detailed descriptions on each module and learning objectives.


Live Events Schedule

The Live Events for this course are scheduled on the following days. *CET = Central European Time (UTC+1). Please click on the links below to show the session times in your time zone.

Week 1


Week 2


*These Live Events will be recorded and you will be able to watch the session recordings afterwards. However, we strongly recommend you join them live in order to make the most of your learning experience in this course.


About PM4SD

PM4SD (Project Management for Sustainable Development) is an internationally recognized methodology and professional qualification designed to help ensure tourism projects deliver benefits for all stakeholders and achieve lasting impacts.

While the importance of sustainable tourism has been receiving increased recognition in recent years, too often, funding for delivering sustainable tourism projects has been spent without achieving any substantial results due to factors such as: lack of a solid needs analysis; poor planning and project design; and inadequate monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.

The methodology of PM4SD has been developed to empower project managers, policy makers and entrepreneurs with tools and techniques to better plan and manage funding and investment in the tourism context, and to overcome these challenges, with the key goals of:

  • Delivering long-term benefits beyond the project life cycle for all stakeholders.
  • Ensuring projects achieve substantial results for destinations and communities.
  • Empowering professionals to use tourism as a positive force for social, economic and cultural change.



PM4SD Practitioner Exam and Certificate

Those who complete the PM4SD Practitioner Course will have the opportunity to take the official PM4SD Practitioner Exam, and upon passing the exam, are awarded with a certification issued by APMG International.

The PM4SD Practitioner Exam is administered by APMG International. The Practitioner Exam fee is not included in the online course registration fee. Training participants can register for the Exam via our training partner Jlag, which is a PM4SD Accredited Training Organization.

For more information on the exam, please see here.

Note on the Course Workload:

This course includes 6 Live Events (3 sessions per week), which will be in total 11 hours long. These Live Events will be recorded and you will be able to watch the session recordings afterwards. However, we strongly recommend you join them live in order to make the most of your learning experience in this course. In addition, the course includes hands-on exercises practicing applying the PM4SD approach to your project.


Introduction: Getting Started

To prepare for the course, and to help optimize the learning experience in the four-week course period, during the weeks leading up to the course start date, participants will get started on some introductory learning content and course activities.

  • How Does the Course Work?: Become familiar with the course flow, and learn how to navigate the course platform.
  • Project Exercise Scenario - Locally Grown: Project description and background information related to the scenario-based exercise (Week 1)
  • Project Summary: Share information on your project (or project idea) to prepare for the hands-on project exercise (Week 2).


Week 1: Scenario-Based Exercise

Learn how to apply the PM4SD approach to a project through a scenario-based exercise.

  • Business Case: Use the Business Case template to make sure the project is desirable, viable and achievable, and that it can deliver products with concrete value and measurable benefits.
  • Risk, Issue and Change Management: Use these forms to identify, assess and address any events that might have an impact on the project objectives and results.
  • Organization Structure: Practice with the Organization chart to define the various roles in the project and the specific responsibilities and accountabilities associated with those roles.
  • Quality Planning and Management: Use the Quality management tools to incorporate in project stage planning the necessary steps to ensure a product’s readiness before its delivery.
  • Product-Based Planning: Apply the techniques to approaching a project’s stage and activity planning with the PM4SD’s "focus on product" principle.
  • Progress Control: Work with the procedures and techniques to monitor and assess progress against the project’s planned objectives at different levels of planning.


Week 1 Live Events:

  • W1L1 - Monday, November 18th: 13:00-15:00 CET
  • W1L2 - Wednesday, November 20th: 13:00-14:30 CET
  • W1L3 - Friday, November 22nd: 13:00-15:00 CET


Week 2:

Practice applying the PM4SD approach to your own projects or project ideas.

This second part of the course will focus on discussing and analyzing your own project (or project ideas), identifying ways to utilize some of the PM4SD tools and techniques to improve management practices, and practice implementing comcrete steps to improve the work of the project manager and the project team, and to contribute to the success of the project.


Week 2 Live Events:

  • W2L1 - Monday, November 25th: 13:00-15:00 CET
  • W2L2 - Wednesday, November 27th: 13:00-14:30 CET
  • W2L3 - Friday, November 29th: 13:00-15:00 CET


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