PM4SD Foundation Live Q&A - September 2019

Head of Knowledge Management & Communications, TrainingAid
Managing Director, Jlag and Fest / Head of EU Projects and Partnerships at Federturismo Confindustria

This Live Session is being offered as part of the self-paced PM4SD Foundation Level online course.


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About This Live Session

The Live Q&A Sessions are offered as a way to complement the self-paced PM4SD Foundation-Level online course.

Providing tailored expert guidance, these sessions will help you review key concepts covered during the course, check your knowledge to make sure you've understood those concepts, and of course, get all your questions on PM4SD answered by our expert trainer.


This Live Session is for all registered PM4SD-Foundation Course participants. If you have already registered for the course, you can see the access details under the "Live Events" section within the course page. If you have not yet registered for the PM4SD Foundation Course, you can do so here

*The Live Q&A Sessions are scheduled bi-monthly, with each session being offered twice to cover various time zones.


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