5 Ways to Increase Your Online Travel Bookings

Founder, TourismTiger
Director of Training Strategy and Development, TrainingAid
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About This Live Session

A beautiful, effective website and a great online marketing strategy go hand-in-hand. If travelers can’t find your website, having a great website is pointless. If past visitors aren’t getting re-targeted, your online marketing strategy is ineffective. Similarly, if you are getting a steady stream of traffic, but aren’t generating many online travel bookings, your website is leaking some serious sales.

During the Live Session, Mat from TourismTiger will walk you through exactly how you can strengthen the weak links in your online presence and generate more sales.

You’ll be able to:

  • Understand the key numbers that you should focus on (hint: unique website visitors is not one of them)
  • Close out leaks in your website that are causing you to lose sales
  • Get more quality website visitors that convert into paying customers
  • Increase referral rates and get more repeat customers


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Our Presenter

Matthew broke into the tourism industry when he started his career at Australia's premier SEO company and created successful marketing strategies for tour and activity operators. His experience allowed him to define the key ingredients that underpin any successful business in the tourism space, and it was this understanding that drove him to create TourismTiger: the leading web design company for tour and activity operators.

Matthew founded the company based on the philosophy that marketing strategy and websites have a symbiotic relationship; they are completely dependent on the effectiveness of one another. To shine further light on this philosophy, he wrote the industry preferred book on tourism marketing, 'Sell More Tours,' which has helped thousands of tour and activity operators achieve the book's namesake and sell more tours.

He has also held numerous workshops, focusing on online marketing and website optimization strategies. Matthew's training sessions are value driven and full of easily achievable, and actionable advice. They have all been very well received by local and international audiences.

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